My name is Kiwan N. Fitch and I am the Founder and President of The EmPOWERment Corp. LLC and the nonprofit organization, EmPOWERed Connections. I am so excited about my next venture. I usually am focused on helping women share their stories that it has taken me almost 2 years to share this part of my own story. I was experienced what I would like to call, “Girlfriend Hurt”: a situation where you and a good friend disconnect and both parties are hurt by it. 

Years ago when something like this happens it’s dealt with in mostly silence. Today, with social media and the internet in general there is no more silence and everything is out in the open. Social Media creates a platform where people can post whatever they choose about you and its available for the World Wide Web to view it. This is truly Cyber Bullying and it is not only prevalent among adolescents, adults significantly join in the madness as well.

I felt the need to create a tool that can be used in place of responding to negativity with negativity. This hashtag(#) is designed to be that tool. Something tangible that can be posted as a reminder of our individual responsibility to NOT ENGAGE in such communication or negative social posting activities. Consequently placing our own feelings, safety, and well-being ahead of other another persons negativity. “#positvityONLY ,” is that answer to some of the negativity that would otherwise lead to self-hate, self-harm or suicidal thoughts and acts. 

I am very excited to launch this initiative as an anti-bullying campaign for those who are saying, “Enough is enough...#positivityONLY”! So let’s spread the word! “#positivityONLY”.

Sincerely Yours,

Kiwan N. Fitch, President
Empowered Connections